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Covering your liability under different insurance policies can be a strain financially. With our online quotation system, you can extend your policy to include a wide range of additional features; so you'll have the cover you need all in one place.

Not only do we offer up to £5 million in public liability insurance, we also offer contract works, tools and personal accident cover. Check out the list below for more information.

Contract works

Recommended throughout the construction industry, contract works insurance can be an invaluable addition to your policy. We can offer you up to £500,000 in cover, saving your company from the costs incurred by loss or damage to your construction work.

Our contract works insurance policies will provide you with compensation for the labour and materials that have been spent on the structure before the time of the incident, plus we can cover the cost of removing the debris left behind afterwards.

Continually, if the scope of the contract increases during the insurance period, we will increase your limit of liability by up to 20% and we'll even help towards the costs of architects, surveyors and professional fees incurred in the rebuild.

Tools cover

As a tradesman, your stock and equipment is an integral part of your business, so insuring it is a wise choice. Through our online quotation system, you can insure up to £5,000 of your personal tools and stock in transit against loss or damage.

If you employ staff we will provide cover for your employees' tools up to a single article limit of £500 for use anywhere within territorial limits as well as temporary removal to the European Union.

Personal accident

Accidents occur every day in the workplace and this isn't just in the dangerous jobs. People in shops and offices, or even at home, can still suffer injuries that prevent them from working.

Our personal liability cover is designed to provide you with the financial support you need in the event of an accident. We will offer up to £10,000 in compensation should you suffer an injury that results in loss of limb or sight, permanent disability or even death.

If however you are involved in an accident that results in temporary disablement, not only will we provide up to £5,200 for loss of earnings, we will also provide a hospitalisation benefit of £30 per day for each day you spend in hospital.

Owned plant & hired-in plant cover

If you own or hire out a plant in order to carry out your work, this is an invaluable addition to your policy. With this type of cover, you'll be insured for any accidental damage to the plant whilst in your custody.

This includes damage to scaffolding, temporary buildings, machinery and any equipment used in connection with the business. If you're hiring, not only will we cover your liability to pay compensation to the owner, we'll also cover your legal fees.

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