Carpenters Insurance

Carpenters liability insurance

Whether you're working on a client's property or from your own workshop, it's important to be aware of others around you. Compensating a third party for loss or injury could have a serious financial impact on your business, so it's vital that you're covered. With up to £5 million in public liability cover included in all of our policies, you can be sure you'll have the support you need in the event of a claim.

We can also offer you up to £10 million in employer's liability cover. Should one of your employees suffer an accident that prevents them from working, our employer's liability insurance will cover your obligation to provide compensation and help towards the cost of your legal fees.

Our policies can be extended to include a wide range of optional benefits, including contract works cover and personal injury insurance. You can also cover up to £5,000 of your personal tools. Find out more about our optional policy features.

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