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The policy features of our professional indemnity insurance protects your business

Insure My Liability provide you the highest cover available as the policy features of our professional indemnity insurance protects your business against a range of risks. There is an increasing list of events that can occur that can result in financial loss to your company resulting from a loss or damage to a third party. A risk that is becoming more common in the industry are claims arising from breach of contract or loss or damage of clients documents. These can result in a lawsuit against your or your company that may result in fines to the business, which if not covered against would come directly from your assets.

Breech of contract

Breech of contract can occur when you or your company fail to meet the demands or requirements that are stipulated in the terms of agreement for a contract. For example if an electrician had been hired by a home owner to replace or install new wires using long lasting wire in their home and he then chose to use a lower grade of wire rather than the required and longer lasting wire. The homeowner would then be entitled to sue to contractor for the costs of replacing the wire he used to install the new wire, as the contractor breached their contract by using a cheaper and lesser wire than stipulated in their terms.

Claims may be made by a third part and compensation required if it is deemed by a court that a contract has been breached causing loss to a third party. The compensation will then be paid to the third party to compensate them for the damage or loss they have received as a result of your breach of contract. This policy protects against these events providing you with the legal and financial cover in this event. The policy will provide you with a specified amount of cover up to £5 million in the event of this type of incident occurring.

Loss or damage of clients documents

Loss or damage of clients documents is an ever present danger to all companies that deal directly with clients and their personal or company information, which may be stored on your premises. Breech of contract occurs when information you are in possession of is leaked or lost unintentionally, which may result in your company being sued for breach of their confidentiality. Our policy is designed to help protect your company in the event of this, if we believe that you accidentally breached a clients confidentiality we will provide you with the legal cover and protection against any fines you may receive as a result.

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