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Liability policy features

There are a number of products and a wide range of areas in the business and trading industry this can make it hard to keep track of your insurances, our liability insurance policy features cover for all types of risk allowing for an easy and simple to understand insurance policy. Liability insurance can prove to be a vital part of any business insuring financial assets and business activities; our insurance policies provide this to you with a premium that suits.

Public liability

Public liability insurance cover is a major and vital part of any construction or business based company. This cover is vital as it protects your assets against financial loss occurring from damage caused by you to a third party or their property. There are a number of events that can occur resulting in this type of incident. This could be from damage to a third party caused by company negligence, which resulted in a lawsuit that caused a compensation payout by your company; public liability would cover this cost.

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Employers liability

Employers liability insurance is a legal requirement for a company who employs any number of staff as it protects the owner of the business against loss or damage caused to a third party by an employee or caused to an employee. For example, if an employee acted negligently whilst attending to plumbing work, which then caused water damage to the clients home. The client would then look to seek compensation from the company, our employers liability would protect you by providing you with the costs for the damages caused and legal cover if needed.

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Personal accident

Personal accident is a very common occurrence at work and is one of the most common causes in the UK for absence at work. Should you injure yourself whilst working disabling you from continuing in your trade this policy would provide you with compensation for your personal accident. There are thousands of accidents in the UK every year in the construction sector that results in three or more days of absence from work. Without personal accident cover you could loose money, ensure that you are covered against the financial loss with our cover.

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Contact works

Contract works are a vital part of any business in the construction industry and can be included in our liability insurance policy. Contract works is an invaluable policy feature which can be added to your policy, it will protect you in the event of a mid-build disaster. For example, if a builder had just finished the first floor works on a multi story build and had paid for the bricks, labour and other materials. Should the building then burn down the contract works policy feature would compensate you for the amount of money lost through the damage caused as a result.

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Tools cover

Working in the trade industry can mean having to use your own tools that may have a high combined value, tools cover would protect these items from a number of risks. If something were to happen to your tools you may not be able to continue with your trade loosing you valuable work and income. Tools cover will protect you against loss or damage to your equipment up to a single article limit of £500 ensuring that should you loose these items you can get your business up and running again keeping your financial loss down.

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Commercial legal cover

Health and Safety is becoming a major consideration for all business employers. Incorporated in our quotations is £100,000 of legal cover and access to a comprehensive Health and Safety, and Employment Law resource.

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