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Plasterers insurance

Plasterers constitute an important part of the construction trade and are often responsible for putting the finishing touches to newly built properties and thus need to be protected with plasterers insurance. As a plasterer you’ll also be indispensable in ensuring decoration and renovation projects are completed so that they satisfy the high expectations of clients and you’ll often have to work to tight deadlines. Whether it’s coving, dry lining or rendering you specialise in, plastering can be a stressful and complex job. There’s no reason, however, why finding a plasterers insurance policy to cover you in case of accidents needs to be stressful and complex. At Insure My Liability we’ve made it easy for you to access a range of plasterers insurance packages in one place so you can choose the policy that suits you with the minimum amount of hassle.

Though mishaps are probably rare because of your professionalism and skill, they are nevertheless an unavoidable aspect of a plasterer’s working life. Public liability insurance, though not a compulsory purchase, exists to provide you with the necessary financial cover if a claim of negligence is made against you. It comes as standard with all the plasterers insurance packages you’ll find through our site and you can purchase this type of cover to the value of £1m, £2m, £5m or £10m. In today’s litigious society people are more willing to take court action should they believe they have a chance of receiving some financial compensation for a perceived act of negligence: often, they will begin legal proceedings when it could well be argued that the supposed negligence was just an accident. Should you be entirely free of blame, then, you might still have to defend yourself in court – and doing so can be an expensive business. In such cases public liability insurance will cover you and ensure that it wouldn’t be you or your business that would suffer financially.

You may also wish your plasterers insurance package to include employers liability insurance as well as public liability cover. Employer’s liability insurance is a legal obligation if you have one or more employees and you’ll be required to take it out to a minimum value of £5m. It covers you if one of your employees should be involved in a work related accident, suffers an injury as a result and wishes to make an allegation of negligence against you. Through our website you’ll be able to take out employer’s liability to the value of £10m, meaning you’ll be fully covered if something unexpected happens. It’s important not to cut corners where this type of liability insurance is concerned: if it’s discovered you don’t possess it, the fines you’ll incur could be up to £2,500 per day.

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