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Posted on January 24th 2011

A source of humour for liability insurance customers is sadly being denied. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), not usually an organisation with a reputation for humour, had been running a 'Myth of the Month' article since April 2007, but has decided that December 2010's article will be the last one. Many business owners and liability insurance customers had found the series useful in clarifying the liability situation surrounding some health and safety myths. It is interesting that the series has been retired after October's Myth of the Month, which said that small businesses do not need expert help to conform to safety regulations.

There were blogs, comments and videos, mostly from health and safety consultants, pointing out that this was a divisive and misleading approach. The HSE's statement in October's article that small business owners knew their business better than anybody has some truth, but it doesn't mean that they know the ins and outs of specialist legislation. Fire legislation, asbestos safety and water hygiene were quoted as areas where specialist knowledge can be valuable.

The International Institute of Risk and Safety Management said that they would be making their member's views known to the HSE. November's Myth of the Month did not appear, then December's came out announcing the retirement of the series. Of course, there is no suggestion that there is any link between the furore over October's article and the retirement of the series.

So it looks like it's the end of the road for the Myth of the Month, although the archive of articles is still available on the HSE's website for liability insurance customers to peruse.

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