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As a double glazer you play an important part in the construction, renovation and maintenance of properties and you値l unavoidably have to be work in potentially hazardous environments. This will mean that you値l need a glaziers insurance package to cover you should an accident happen. We realise that as a dedicated professional you値l do your best to ensure that the unexpected doesn稚 occur but accidents can happen any time. So for your own peace of mind you値l want to know that you池e covered in case of an accident. Through Insure My Liability you値l be able to find a double glazers insurance package so suit you.

One of the most common types of incident to befall any tradesman is accidental injury to a third party. As a professional double glazer your safety standards will be high so accidents resulting in damage to third parties will be rare. For your own peace of mind, though, you should consider taking out a glaziers insurance package that would cover you should an unforeseeable incident occur. Public liability insurance would cover your legal costs should a third party wish to make an allegation of negligence against you. All the glaziers insurance packages you値l find on our site will feature this kind of cover as standard and you値l be able to take it out to the value of £1m, £2m or £5m. To ensure that you and your business would not to be at financial risk should an unfortunate incident occur, take out public liability insurance at a competitive price through our easy-to-use website.

Public liability insurance is not the only type of cover you値l need to consider if you work as a double glazer. If you own and/or run a small glaziers company you are legally obliged to take out employers liability insurance. This will provide you with cover should an employee of yours sustain injury or contract illness as a result of carrying out work for your business. You値l need to take out employer痴 liability insurance for a minimum of £5m and will have the option of purchasing cover up to the value of £10m. Fines for not having employers liability cover in place can be up to £2,500 per day, so it痴 important to build it into your double glazers insurance package if you have one or more employees. In addition to these two types of cover you値l also have the option to add on many extras to your insurance package, meaning you値l be able to tailor your glazers insurance to your requirements and you won稚 pay for anything you don稚 need.

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