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Electricians insurance

Working as an electrician can be a hazardous business. You値l be required to carry out potentially dangerous work on wires and fittings while on your client痴 property. Though you値l be trying to avoid accidents at all times they are always a possibility. Electricians insurance will cover you should any unexpected occurrences result in a member of the public being harmed or their property being damaged as a result of your work. Due to your professionalism and expertise accidents will be infrequent, but for your peace of mind when at work electricians insurance is indispensable.

Regardless of how much experience you have working as an electrician you池e always at risk of accidentally damaging expensive fittings that may result in harm to a 3rd party. The legal costs of defending a liability claim can be high, as can the amount of compensation demanded by the plaintiff. Therefore public liability insurance is standard with all the electricians insurance packages you値l find on our site. You can choose the amount you require, with the option to purchase up to £5 million worth of cover. With this in place, you値l be reassured knowing that in the unlikely event of something going wrong our insurers can provide you with the necessary financial support.

Many electricians work as sole traders, but you may own and run a small business and have several employees to manage. If this is the case, their well being and happiness at work will be one of your top priorities. But should something go wrong and one of your employees suffers injury or illness as a result of working for your business you値l need to be covered for any resulting legalities. In fact, it is a legal requirement for you to purchase employers liability insurance if you have one of more employees, this can form part of your electricians insurance. Fines for not doing so are hefty and can be up to £2500 per day. Our insurers including leading firms AXA, Ageas and MMA can offer you up to £10m employers liability cover, meaning that you池e supported should your business be affected by an unforeseen incident.

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